The Allotment Wife


Tulips in Bloom

The allotment was a riot of spring flowers today, including daffodils, narcissi and the first of the glorious tulips!

Also, last year, I thought I took the lilies out but obviously I didn’t, as here they are in force:


The asparagus is also getting larger, so we harvested it for tomorrow’s lunch:


And the rhubarb is coming along:


We did our usual hoe-round today, and K also trimmed the plot edges, so it looks very smart indeed. And we pruned one of the autumn raspberries that is not yet in leaf to give it some encouragement. Our harvest included the flowers, the asparagus, leeks and some spinach:


And at home the vases look amazing and the smell of the narcissi is once again out of this world. I love spring!


Have a great weekend!

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