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Unexpected Daffodils in the Loading Area

My first visit to the allotment today since having my shoulder sling removed and the dressings off. As a result I’m able to use both arms a bit more, though I did take it easy – only hoeing with my good arm where possible. It will take a while to be properly workable again.

Anyway, the big surprise is that the daffodils are definitely showing through now, even though it’s still December – all this unusually warm weather is doing strange things to the seasons.


The leeks and daffodils in the other raised bed are also doing very well:

Leeks and daffodils

Not only that, but the chrysanthemums – which I assumed were annuals – appear to have a new lease of life, so goodness only knows what’s happening there …


Anyway, I’ve weeded the beds and soft fruit area – one-handedly! – and tidied up the edge and paths of our plot. K pruned half the autumn raspberries, as my stepfather never ever prunes his autumn raspberries in spite of what all the gardening books tell you and he gets a HUGE crop each year – so we’re giving it a go in a half-and-half fashion.

Autumn raspberries

The blackcurrant bushes are looking good too and are already starting to produce buds:


Meanwhile the spinach is doing well, so we harvested that and some beetroot to keep us going through the week.


Have a great week!

Anne Brooke Books

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Ditching the Cell Phone

Hi Lovelies,

This isn’t much of an update, but more me trying to figure out how to take pictures this season on something other than a cell phone! I know, I know – the times they are a’changin’. Anywho, here are some of the anemones that are still blooming out in the hoophouse! I hope you enjoy! 🙂

flower test 013flower test 014flower test 026flower test 032flower test 036

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The First Anemone of the Season

Hi Lovelies,

Not much to report – hence, my absence. However, this ridiculously warm weather (so far) this winter has helped for one thing! The first anemone of the season has officially bloomed, and it’s a beauty! The variety is literally called ‘Black-eyed beauty’, in fact. If we take a look back, it wasn’t until around mid-February of last year that we got our first anemones! Maybe I’m finally getting better at this, lol! Hope you’re having a great day!


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Make-it Monday: Asymmetrical Wreaths

Hi Lovelies,

IMG_20151207_131104 I tried a lot of different options before I found a few that I really liked. I didn’t have any ribbon around, so I used an old fabric scrap to make a bow. Something about the texture wasn’t right, so I didn’t like it – but I think a real bow would have been absolutely amazing and adorable x3000.

I’m not certain how I manage to let so much time pass between posts, but I need to work on it! I tend to blame everything on the colder weather, but I’m not so sure that I can use that as an excuse since the weather man has a high near 70F in the forecast for later this week. Today, I thought that I would do something different. Instagram is inundated with photos of beautiful wreaths. These people are seriously talented! Alas, I am but a wreath novice –…

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A small harvest

Not much to do at the allotment today as it’s now definitely getting to be the end of our unseasonably warm autumn. Did a hoe round, and harvested some spinach and a couple of beetroots.


I’ll add the spinach to the winter salad leaves from the garden and we can have that during the week. Will also use the beetroot leaves for the salad – oh and there’s good news about last week’s missing white beetroot. K found it in the garden waste and we ate it for Sunday lunch after all, hurrah!

Meanwhile, the Brussels sprouts are coming along well and there should be quite a big harvest of these in a couple of weeks or so – just in time for Christmas! I do love my sprouts … The pic isn’t great but you get the gist of it:

Brussels Sprouts

And, finally, the daffodil shoots are definitely on their way up, so I’m looking forward to spring already!


Have a fabulous weekend!

Anne Brooke Books