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Planting Sweet Peas

Definite signs of spring on the allotment today. There are a few more daffodils, with more to come which will be great for Easter. Plus the tulips are just that bit larger than last week, and the lilies are now on their way, hurrah!

We bought a job lot of sweet peas yesterday and so put them in on the trellis next to the shed. The variety is Spencer Mixed which are just the best we’ve used and we always look for them – so hardy and a fabulous scent. Perfect. The rest of the sweet peas, I’ll scatter aboard at home plus there are some for pots.

Not only that but the currants and rhubarb are also on their way. The allotment was great this morning – so no idea why we were the only ones there – maybe everyone else in Elstead is still in bed trying to catch up with their lost hour? Who knows!…

Anne Brooke

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In Search of Gold

We bravely battled the elements (SO cold, brrrr!!) and visited the allotment to see if we could find gold – ie daffodils. And daffodils we found, hurrah! So definitely worth it. Mind you, it was our shortest ever visit to the allotment as it was so freezing – we literally picked the daffodils and came home. Not, however, without taking a quick snap of the tulips which are slowly getting there.

Stay warm!


Anne Brooke

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Daffodil Disappointment

Well, the allotment daffodils aren’t performing in the way I’d hoped they would – though to be fair, it’s been a cold windy week and so maybe next week they’ll be out in bloom – we live in hope … On the other hand, the tulips are coming along well, so that’s reassuring.

In the meantime, the rhubarb and lupins are coming along too, and we’ve had the last of the leeks for lunch – and very tasty they were.

Just starting planning for the coming year as well – lots to look forward to!