The Allotment Wife


A single daffodil

The allotment is still resting – the tulips aren’t growing much, the rhubarb is lurking, and our only harvest was a single daffodil, LOL. Small but perfectly formed. I’m hoping that once we get to March and when the threatened cold snap (snow, oh the horror!) is over, then we can really get going.

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Nature on a go-slow!

Thought there’d be more happening at the allotment this weekend, but everything is much as it was last week, LOL. To be fair, the week has been very chilly so even the tulips look like they’re trying to shrink back into the earth! Still, there is a sprig of autumn raspberry leaf, the rhubarb is doing well, there are currant buds and a few daffodils to pick. So a small but perfectly formed harvest …


Anne Brooke