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The Quiet Allotment

Nothing much happening at the plot today – even the chrysanthemums are all but over so I think I’ll cut them back next week.


Mind you, there are signs of life amongst the daffodils:


And there are buds on the currant bushes, which is great.


So we didn’t do much there today – just some hoeing and also weeding between the raised beds. And K cut back those determined sweet williams once more.

Here are some winter plot scenes:

And here is the tiny harvest of yakons and some beetroot:


Have a great weekend, everyone.

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The Rise of the Daffodils

On my own at the allotment this morning as K was busy repainting the kitchen (fresh new look – Summer Linen, hurrah!) and I didn’t want to disturb him, LOL. So I did some hoeing and tidied up the edges of the plot while I had a chance, plus I did some more composting.

There are daffodil shoots coming up all over, which is lovely, but some of them are coming up in places we didn’t put them! Then again, that’s Nature for you – you’re never quite sure what’s going to happen, but I’m quite happy to let them do what they need to.

To my surprise, the chrysanthemums are still struggling along so this year we actually have flowers in December, well gosh. Usually, we only manage it until November, but the weather this last week or so has been kind in terms of temperatures.


Another minimal harvest this time round – I grabbed a beetroot from the beetroot bed and added the flowers:


Have a lovely Sunday, everyone, and welcome to December!

Anne Brooke Books