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Extra Daffodils

There is no such thing as too many daffodils. There we were thinking we’d got the daffodils in ready for next spring and then of course we visit a garden centre and the next thing we know we have 30 new bulbs (mixed) to plant, LOL. Here they are just before being planted:

New daffodils

The lilies are still making brave attempts to produce blooms. One of them is in flower but it’s only half a flower (if you see what I mean) so not worth harvesting. Still, with the good weather lined up for the next week, perhaps our luck will be in for next weekend?


The chrysanthemums are as reliable as ever:


The beetroot continue to do well, and the Brussels sprouts are looking okay.

While there today, we tided up the autumn raspberries and did a quick hoe round. Here is the harvest of beetroot, a few autumn raspberries and the chrysanthemums:


And here is the vase at home:

Have a great Sunday, everyone.

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Chrysanthemum Season

Finally, it’s the start of the chrysanthemums on the allotment. Such a glorious autumn flower.

And one or two of the lilies are actually about to bloom so here’s hoping there’s no frost before next week …


The asters are still blooming and the sweet williams have got some flowers too but we’ve taken them off as we want to save their strength till next year.


Meanwhile the Brussels sprouts in their two beds are slowly growing so that’s good news:

However, the autumn raspberries haven’t done at all well this year – perhaps because they’re old now and need renewing which is a job to think about at some point, but also due to the early frost in September which destroyed all the fruit they had at that point, though there are some late berries trying their best.

Autumn raspberries

Here is the harvest – which consists of beetroot, some gladioli, asters and the chrysanthemums plus a very small scattering of those poor berries.


And here are the vases at home:

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Anne Brooke Books


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Preparing for Spring

Lovely weather for the allotment today, which is a total contrast to yesterday’s all-day heavy rain. We wore Wellington boots just in case but it wasn’t too wet in the end. Anyway, we’ve started preparing for spring. K took the rest of the potatoes out, and I planted stored daffodils into that bed. We’ll get some new ones too to fill one of the other beds, but here is the current one – before I actually plant them:


The Brussels sprouts we planted last week are doing well:

Brussels sprouts Old

And K planted another bed of them today, so here are the latest ones:

Brussles sprouts New

Meanwhile the lilies are still hanging on to their buds, but the time for getting any actual flowers is very short now so I suspect we’re out of luck, oh well …


The asters, however, are having a wonderful time and of course autumn is really their season!

Here are a couple of pictures of our harvest, which is asters, a sprinkling of gladioli (well, one really …), potatoes, leeks and even a few late autumn raspberries, which we thought we weren’t getting – an added bonus indeed, and I shall add them to the apple crumble for lunch:

And here are the flowers at home:

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone.

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