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Scented lilies and pumpkins

The scented lilies are late, but they’re finally here, hurrah! The scent is totally amazing, and I LOVE the colour too.

Scented lilies

The sweet peas are also doing well – the ones near the shed are coming along, and the white ones we planted just because we had too many of them at home are really going strong, plus their stems are just so long.

Sweet peas 1.JPG

Sweet peas 2

The echinacea also look great:


The early gladioli are blooming well …


… and just look at those sunflowers:


In vegetable news, we have our first ever pumpkins – two of them, well gosh! The shoots are amazingly long so in each case, the root is the other side of the raised bed, lengthwise, double gosh.

Pumpkin 1

Pumpkin 2

The marrow is looking good:


And there are flowers on the climbing French beans:

Climbing French beans

Here is this week’s harvest of the rest of the mangetouts, a (very bolted!) lettuce, and a wide variety of flowers:


Here are the vases at home:

Vases 1

Vases 2

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!

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Marrows and sunflowers

The start of the soft fruit season is upon us in terms of our allotment as the red currants and blackcurrants are now ready. I do love picking blackcurrants as the smell of the plant is just fantastic and it’s so satisfying. However, there aren’t as many as last year as we have got all of the offering in one session (see harvest picture later on) and have left the netting off so the birds can have the rest. Last year, we had three currant harvest sessions before doing that. Is this an issue with the year we’ve had or aren’t the bushes happy? We’ll have to see how next year goes.

Anyway, ¬†we have a couple of lovely marrows, one of which we’ve picked. We’re desperately looking for marrow recipes, but today we fried some of it, then added salt and cheese – and very nice it was too!


I also think we’ve got the last of the mangetouts or almost – and the ones there today are a bit old and scraggy. Mind you, we’re still eating the crop of last week so can’t complain.


Flowers are also doing well – the gladioli are out, hurrah!!! I am LOVING that gorgeous red colour.


We also have alstroemerias and echinacea in the perennial flower bed, which are both lovely.



And the coreopsis are still holding their own against being nibbled to death – though the stems are much shorter than usual.


The main lily area is still producing some blooms, and the sweet peas next to them are just starting too – here they are all white, and the stems are beautifully long (which is so much easier for flower arranging!):


Sweet peas

Plus we have our very first sunflower, hurrah! It’s not as big as many others in the allotment right now, but I’m definitely still happy.


Here is the harvest of blackcurrants, red currants, a lettuce, mangetouts, a marrow, gladioli, coreopsis, carnations, pelargoniums, dahlias, sweet peas, sweet williams, verbascums and lilies:


And here are the vases at home:

Vases 1

Vases 2

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!

Anne Brooke Books


Blighted potatoes and lilies galore

Sad potato news from the allotment this week – we have blight, oh the horror. Still, we have managed to salvage some of the crop so at least that’s something. Oh well.

Blighted potatoes

Our sweetcorn is also still being nibbled (is it mice?) so we have strengthened the netting around them and also raised it as plants get bigger.

Sweet corn

The French beans are starting to go up the sticks and I tied some of them in just to give them a helping hint – last year, some of them simply grew along the ground but it’s much easy if they go up rather than sideways!

French beans

The mangetouts have gone insane and we harvested a totally enormous crop. At home, K looked up mangetouts recipes – and one of these is frying mangetouts with spring onions very briefly and then adding mint – we already have all the ingredients (though the spring onions are bought) so will definitely have to try that one.


Prepared mangetouts

We also found space for a couple of yakons (Peruvian ground apple) by removing some of the sweet williams which aren’t really doing so well. The other couple of yakons we have will be planted at home.


K also mulched the rhubarb this week – I really do love a mulched bed. We used compost from the allotment so there won’t be many nutrients in it but it will do for now.

Mulched rhubarb

Turning to flower news, the cosmos and pelargoniums are doing well.

Cosmos and pelargoniums

And there are now a couple of flower spray buds on the gladioli, hurrah!


However the lilies are simply the stars of this week’s show and look totally amazing – they’re just so tall and such a glorious colour!


Plus we have the first of the sweet peas in bloom, which is grand.

Sweet peas

I also took a view of the allotment as it is right now, as I think it looks pretty good.


So, today’s harvest is lilies, the first of the dahlias (hurrah!), verbascum, carnations (still going strong …), cosmos, pelargoniums, sweet williams, sweet peas, and the mangetouts and rescued potatoes.


Here are the amazing lilies at home:

Lily vase 1

Lily vase 2

And here are the vases all together:


Have a great Sunday, everyone.

Anne Brooke Books


Fighting back on the sweetcorn front!

Yet more sweetcorn has gone missing this week, sob:

Sweetcorn Chewed

But we are determined to fight back(!) so I planted some new ones and K netted the area. We hope that will be enough to deter the evil sweetcorn nibbler, but who can tell …

Sweetcorn Replanted

In other news the asparagus forest is on its way – as we’re leaving it to do its thing now as the season is basically over.


The lettuces are doing amazingly well and I also planted a couple of others just to lengthen the season – if they don’t get eaten!


Fresh from netting the sweetcorn, K has also today built a netting pod for the currants to protect them from the greedy birds (who have already taken the gooseberry crop in total, double sob!). As you can see it’s a home-made effort and we’ve secured it down with stones from the plot, bits of wood and also hooked nails made from old hangers from home. The ultimate recycling creation!

Soft fruit

The lilies are doing very well:


And the pelargoniums and cosmos are trying their best:

Pelargoniums and cosmos

The sweet williams are struggling a bit – which is a total contrast from last year – but the beetroot behind them are doing well. I have pinched the tops off the beetroot as I thought they were getting a bit straggly, and we want the energy to go into the crop rather than the leaf.

Sweet Williams and Beetroot

Today’s harvest is one lettuce, mangetouts, verbascums, carnations, pelargoniums, sweet williams, cosmos and lilies:


Here are the vases at home.

Vases 1

Vases 2

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone. Oh, and happy birthday to me – I turned 55 (gosh!) on 21 June.

Anne Brooke Books


Nibbly Creatures

Lots of nibbly creatures both on and off the allotment this week … here is the sweetcorn section where the middle is all but missing. Pigeons? Mice? Who knows. But we are not amused!


We also struggled with lettuce planting last week as the pigeons (or mice!) had had a good go at them before we even arrived at the allotment – you can just about see them here, still hanging on – just – at the bottom left of the really lovely lettuces (hurrah!):


Anyway, the beetroot section is doing well, and we even have one or two mangetouts lurking amongst the leaves, well gosh:



The autumn raspberries are growing well:

Autumn raspberries

And the flower crops are doing well too. We have the first of the lilies out:


The carnations are still being totally amazing and I picked 128 of them – which is only about half of what I picked last week!


The verbascum is still blooming:


And the sweet peas we thought were a goner near the shed have a sudden lease of life:

Sweet peas

Today, I planted the rest of the gladioli bulbs so that’s filled up a bed nicely. I also planted some coreopsis (which I picked flowers from before taking it to the allotment). They are a type called Golden Sphere:

Coreopsis Golden Sphere

Plus I thought I’d plant some annual flowers for the first time so here are four new pelargoniums – which again I picked before planting. I’m astonished about how beautiful the flowers are in a vase (see later) so will definitely do this again:


Here is the harvest of three mangetouts(!), verbascum, lilies and carnations:


And here are the vases at home. The pelargonium flowers are on the right between the carnations and the verbascum – I think they’re gorgeous. And the coreopsis are on the left.

Vases 1

Vases 2

Have a lovely weekend.

Anne Brooke Books