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Allotment by Proxy

Have now succumbed to the nasty virus going round at work so have been ill since Sunday – and sadly unable to get to the allotment, sob … However, K went anyway and did a hoe-round and also picked more daffodils and the last of the sprouts. I hope they might last until I’m well enough to eat them!

In the meantime, here are some of the pics he kindly took for me – what a hero!


Have a healthy week!

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The magic of muck

Much excitement at the allotment today as we took a couple of wheelbarrows full of horse manure from the field next door. The owner of the horses there has kindly gathered it together for us so that’s just brilliant.

Horse manure

We spread it over two of the raised beds, but it’s amazing how much we will eventually need as it hardly covers it – but every little makes a difference, as they say.

Bed with manure

Still, the rhubarb is slowly getting bigger and now there’s another tiny sprout on the right to join it, so that’s looking hopeful. We did think about forcing it, but actually we like a longer season of rhubarb so decided against it.


Meanwhile, to our surprise, a couple of small daffodils are forcing themselves up where we laid out the beginnings of a path next to the shed – I remember the lady who had the plot before telling us she’d planted daffodils there, but they didn’t show up last year. It’s really quite nice to see them!


Finally, we harvested two of the sprout plants and a handful of daffodils – I really do love those deep gold crowns in the middle – when they’re fully out, they’ll be stunning.


At home, I added the new daffodils to some I’d already bought last week from the local shop. You can just see the golden centres at the front of the vase.

Vase daffodils

Have a great weekend!

Anne Brooke Books


First planting of the year

Out in the allotment today and we’ve planted 15 gladioli bulbs which is our first actual planting of this year, hurrah! We’re doing succession planting for the first time ever (go us, eh!) and so we’ll plant more in 2 weeks’ time and then the last batch two weeks after that. Here they are just before we bury them in the soil:


This week, we also have some more daffodils as cut flowers for the house – though they’ve been a little stressed out by last night’s frost!


Doesn’t stop them looking pretty grand once in their vase though:


Meanwhile, the rhubarb is showing itself for the first time, though probably not enough for crumble just now, LOL:


A sign of good things ahead though. And talking of good things, it looks like we might be able to get some manure from the lady who owns the horses in the field next to the allotments, so that’s brilliant news. We’ll have to bring a trolley and a bag to put it in next time we’re on site. Manure is always good!

Finally, a harvest today of those lovely daffodils, plus sprouts, which we’ve had for lunch and will also see us through another meal or two for sure.


What with the harvest, we now have a couple of empty beds, so are having fun thinking of what we can put in them next. I do love the start of spring!

Have a fabulous Mothering Sunday!

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