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Sweet Pea Extravaganza

Goodness me, the white sweet peas are doing very well at the allotment – they’re the gift that keeps on giving (see also vases at the end of this post):

White sweet peas

They’re not the only plant doing well – as what with this week’s sunshine and rain, the weeds are going all out for plot (if not world!) domination – we spent ages beating them down whilst we were hoeing, LOL.

Other flowers doing well are the echinaceas:


… the coreopsis and alstroemerias:

Coreopsis and alstroemeria

… the gladioli (loving that pink one!):


… and the sunflower:


We also have the first small crop of French climbing beans which is very exciting as I LOVE them (see also harvest pics at end):

French climbing beans

And the marrow and pumpkins are growing very well indeed!


Pumpkin 1

Pumpkin 2

Here is the harvest:


… with a close-up of the small French climbing beans (on top of the mangetouts):

Harvest French climbing beans

Here are the vases at home:


… with a special focus on those lovely white sweet peas (which smell amazing)!

Vase white sweet peas 1

Vase white sweet peas 2

Have a lovely week!

Anne Brooke Books

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Marrows and sunflowers

The start of the soft fruit season is upon us in terms of our allotment as the red currants and blackcurrants are now ready. I do love picking blackcurrants as the smell of the plant is just fantastic and it’s so satisfying. However, there aren’t as many as last year as we have got all of the offering in one session (see harvest picture later on) and have left the netting off so the birds can have the rest. Last year, we had three currant harvest sessions before doing that. Is this an issue with the year we’ve had or aren’t the bushes happy? We’ll have to see how next year goes.

Anyway, ¬†we have a couple of lovely marrows, one of which we’ve picked. We’re desperately looking for marrow recipes, but today we fried some of it, then added salt and cheese – and very nice it was too!


I also think we’ve got the last of the mangetouts or almost – and the ones there today are a bit old and scraggy. Mind you, we’re still eating the crop of last week so can’t complain.


Flowers are also doing well – the gladioli are out, hurrah!!! I am LOVING that gorgeous red colour.


We also have alstroemerias and echinacea in the perennial flower bed, which are both lovely.



And the coreopsis are still holding their own against being nibbled to death – though the stems are much shorter than usual.


The main lily area is still producing some blooms, and the sweet peas next to them are just starting too – here they are all white, and the stems are beautifully long (which is so much easier for flower arranging!):


Sweet peas

Plus we have our very first sunflower, hurrah! It’s not as big as many others in the allotment right now, but I’m definitely still happy.


Here is the harvest of blackcurrants, red currants, a lettuce, mangetouts, a marrow, gladioli, coreopsis, carnations, pelargoniums, dahlias, sweet peas, sweet williams, verbascums and lilies:


And here are the vases at home:

Vases 1

Vases 2

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!

Anne Brooke Books