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Nature on a go-slow!

Thought there’d be more happening at the allotment this weekend, but everything is much as it was last week, LOL. To be fair, the week has been very chilly so even the tulips look like they’re trying to shrink back into the earth! Still, there is a sprig of autumn raspberry leaf, the rhubarb is doing well, there are currant buds and a few daffodils to pick. So a small but perfectly formed harvest …


Anne Brooke


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A quiet week

Not much going on at the allotment this week so we’re just keeping things under control and watching things grow – which is always nice! That said, we did plant out a few rows of beetroot – though I have to be careful at this stage as they’re very similar to weeds!


Oh, and we’ve also gone for a lone courgette as we planted three courgettes last year, and there was just so much produce! So we’re hoping that one will be more sensible:


Finally, we also got the sweet peas in, which is good news.

Sweet peas

Here is this week’s harvest, which is asparagus and tulips:


And here they are in the vase at home:

Vase 1

Vase 2

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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The Easter Allotment

A couple of visits to the allotment this week as I have time off from work, hurrah! I’m going to be wild and free today (yikes!) and do things in alphabetical order as it just seems easier. So not that wild and free then … Anyway, the alliums are coming along nicely, as are the asparagus and autumn raspberries:


Asparagus 1

Asparagus 2

Autumn raspberries

I’m also pleased with how the lilies are getting along – and I have sprayed them this week for the first time as I thought they might be getting chewed a bit – the curse of the lily beetle! Ooh, and there are lupin buds on the lupin which you can just about see if you peer VERY closely at the picture:


Lupin buds

Meanwhile the peas seem to have escaped the curse of the mice, although the ones we started off at home are doing much better than the ones which we planted as seeds straight into the soil – which just goes to show that Monty Don isn’t always right, goodness me!


We’re also pleased with how the rhubarb is getting along, and I harvested three sticks of it today to add to my apple crumble, which was surprisingly good, LOL.


The soft fruit area is getting there too, and the bees seem to be loving it which is great news for a later harvest – we hope.

Soft fruit

Today, K set up a new sweet pea structure to give them more height when we get round to planting them, and as an added bonus it also helps hold up the shed guttering which suffered from the winds last month. You can just about see the netting in the picture, plus K’s hat and my fleece (didn’t need it) …

Sweet pea netting

The plant I’m most proud of though is the tulips which have given us a totally glorious display this season.

Tulips 1

Tulips 2

Tulips 3

Tulips 4

A couple of harvest pictures this week:

Harvest 1

This (above) was some asparagus, the tulips and the last of the scented narcissi.

Harvest 2

Today’s harvest shot (also above) is rhubarb (the first of the season!), asparagus and tulips. I’m also taking home the sunflower seeds as we’ll start them off at home this year, and then plan to plant them round the runner beans as usual.

Here are the tulips in the vases at home. I’m very happy indeed with the parrot tulips (the first red and white frilly ones) as usually I don’t like these in the garden, but they’re absolutely GORGEOUS in the vase, so I’ll definitely get more for the allotment next year.

Vase 1

Vase 2

Vase 3

Vase 4

Vase 5

Vase 6

Vase 7

Have a very happy Easter Day everyone!

Anne Brooke Books