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A small harvest

Not much to do at the allotment today as it’s now definitely getting to be the end of our unseasonably warm autumn. Did a hoe round, and harvested some spinach and a couple of beetroots.


I’ll add the spinach to the winter salad leaves from the garden and we can have that during the week. Will also use the beetroot leaves for the salad – oh and there’s good news about last week’s missing white beetroot. K found it in the garden waste and we ate it for Sunday lunch after all, hurrah!

Meanwhile, the Brussels sprouts are coming along well and there should be quite a big harvest of these in a couple of weeks or so – just in time for Christmas! I do love my sprouts … The pic isn’t great but you get the gist of it:

Brussels Sprouts

And, finally, the daffodil shoots are definitely on their way up, so I’m looking forward to spring already!


Have a fabulous weekend!

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Autumn harvest

A stint of weeding at the allotment today, and a good lot of harvest too. We took home foxgloves and penstemon for cut flowers, and beetroot, spinach, carrots and winter salads for eating during the week. It’s amazing that since cutting down some of the spinach last week, we now have fresh new leaves, hurrah.

Plus I have pruned the asparagus bed so it now looks pretty bare apart from the end of the stems nestling in the soil. Oh, and there are small Brussels sprouts starting their life journey on our brassicas, goodness me!

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