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The post-frost allotment

Back to the allotment today after a break last weekend due to the village play (which was magnificent, I must say, and my lovely husband was wonderful in the main role of course!) – and alas the begonias, nasturtiums and verbenas have been caught in this week’s frost. So I’ve put them in the compost heap and planted the rest of the stocks instead.

I was going to plant the remainder of the tulips as well but we forgot to bring them from the car (arrggh!) and couldn’t be bothered to go back for them, so will have to remember to put them in next week.

Not much weeding to do today due to autumn being here in force, but the foxgloves and coreopsis are still going strong – so I picked what there was for the house. I do love cut flowers.

In terms of veggies, K harvested winter lettuce – which is looking brilliant – and also a couple of beetroot so enough for a nice lunch or two, hurrah.

The trauma of the week however is the moles are back in force – and are making their way to our allotment at some speed! I think it’s time for some Mole Doom for sure … we will certainly have to persuade the pesky beasts to go elsewhere soon.

And the mystery of the week is: where on earth are my lovely Wellies??…

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