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Astilbe mountain and a sneaky tayberry

We decided to move the eight astilbes from the allotment today and plant them up in a suitable corner at home. They’ve not been very good cut flowers but will look lovely in the borders, I think. Always nice to have autumn colour in the garden, though of course they’ve been blooming since summer.


Not so many flowers to collect this week, but K has harvested some more Sarpo potatoes (great for being blight resistant but the taste is rubbish – so good for a general vegetable soup!), and the courgettes are doing well.


We also harvested more autumn raspberries to add to tomorrow’s apple crumble and – as you can see above – we discovered a couple of tayberries we forgot we planted! Didn’t think they’d crop this year, but it’s nice to see a flash of red amongst the gold in the soft fruit patch. They’re quite sharp but will be brilliant in pudding.

And also, much to our surprise, a couple of late sunflowers have just bloomed, which is wonderful. Sorry, I forgot to take a photo, but will try to remember next time.

We’ve also taken 100 daffodil bulbs down to the allotment to join the others that are already there from earlier this year, but need to think which beds to put them in. There’s space in the astilbe area now!

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Early peas and a spinach mystery

The allotment looks pretty good today – it rained a lot during the week so there was no need to do any watering. Instead we weeded the beds and gathered a small harvest. Much to our amazement the peas which are supposed to blossom in spring are already in flower and there are even two small pea pods on them. K harvested those, and took the rest of the flowers off. It seemed to be the most sensible thing to do.

In the meantime, the foxgloves are growing apace, so we may get a few cut flowers out of these before the season is over. And the nasturtiums look amazing!

However, the main mystery of the week is the everlasting spinach. I’ve been harvesting it regularly since we got the allotment, but today K decided to cut some of it down for the autumn. Um, apparently, not all of it is spinach after all! It’s actually … um … celery. Well, there’s a turn-up for the books. So possibly, a lot of what we’ve been eating is not spinach leaf but celery leaf, hey ho. We hang our heads in shame, eh!… Anyway, we’ve harvested some celery (proper) and will treat ourselves to it tomorrow.

Earlier, in the week, K also harvested a small amount of carrot, leek and beetroot – so lunch will be soup. K is the soup expert, so it will be good.

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