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Mole City and Barbecue Delight

The moles are going mad at the allotment at the moment so I had to destroy a heck of a lot of hills!

Mole hills

Honestly, I’ve never seen so many – they must be having a party down there!

This week we’ve been planting more peas and netting them so they have something to grow up and we’re quite pleased with what we’ve managed to do:

There are flowers on some of the older peas, but no pods yet …

Here is the first of our week’s harvests, and also the end floral products (geums and sweet williams) in a vase:

The ‘harvest’ includes a job-lot of tulip bulbs which I will plant in the garden at home later this year – so I can get new ones for the allotment, hurrah!

Today (Sunday) has been great fun with the Allotment Working Party and barbecue. Before we got started on the grand tidy-up, K and I planted sunflower seeds and also cosmos (as they make great cut flowers).


This time, I remembered the rhubarb – there was loads of it! – and it makes up most of the harvest, alongside more geums, spinach and asparagus.

Harvest 2

I’ve put all the rhubarb into a rhubarb and nectarine crumble, which we are very much looking forward to during the week!

However, the main thing about today was keeping the allotments tidy, so K and I went round the perimeter, together with numerous other folks doing a variety of key jobs, in order to tidy up the undergrowth. It seems to have grown loads this spring – due to the weather we’ve been having, I’m sure – and I had to get rid of a few slugs as I went round too!

Then of course was the BBQ – which was great fun, with wonderful burgers and scrummy cake. A fabulous time was had by all, and special thanks to Helen and Pauline for arranging  a brilliant day!

Have a great Sunday, everyone.

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Sprouts and slug city

Great news today! I have started driving again after my operation in December and everything was fine. It was ridiculous how nervous I felt before I got in the car – but though it felt weird, there wasn’t any pain and I managed to drive to the village and also to the allotment, hurrah!

K took out one of the blackcurrants to grow at home, and I weeded everything in sight. Much to our delight, the blackcurrant canes we poked into the ground last year are actually starting to sprout so nature has been kind:

Blackcurrant canes

At the same time, the beetroots are hanging on in there, the spinach is bearing up under all the rain, and the sprouts are taking over the whole of their beds:

And there’s even more excitement – the daffodils sharing their bed with the leeks are well on the way, and also the tulips are just beginning to show themselves, well gosh.

Anyway, here is today’s harvest of spinach and sprouts. The sprouts were full of slugs when I got home, but I dealt with them in the usual (violent!) way, hey ho. I am indeed the Scourge of Slugs everywhere …


Have a fabulous weekend!

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A small harvest

Having been ill for about 3 weeks, I’m now well enough today to venture to the allotment to see what’s going on. Goodness, how things have grown. K and I did the weeding, though with the weather there’s no need to water. In fact, it was raining while we were there.

And we have a small harvest of French beans, goodness me! Our first harvest of the vegetables we’ve actually planted. Not only that but the carrots, potatoes and marigolds are all doing very well, and the nasturtiums are starting to show themselves too, which is grand. The slug pellets are working (hurrah!) and we’ve put more down today.

We didn’t stay long as I’m getting quite tired, but it was great to be out there again. I do enjoy it.

Allotment 1 Brassicas Carrots French beans and leaks French beans, marigolds, leaks, carrots French Beans Nasturtiums Potatoes Sunflowers

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Potato City

K and I spent most of the morning at the allotment, and what fun we had, hurrah! K planted the last of the eight raised beds with Charlotte potatoes, while I weeded and watered the rest of it.

It’s pleasing to note that the leeks and beans, along with the chrysanthemums are definitely looking taller, which is great news. K has also removed the polytunnel across part of one of the beds and put fleece across the whole of it instead. One side is nailed on but the other side is weighed down with stones so it makes watering less of a challenge …

We also took the opportunity of clearing out some of the weeds from the fruit section of the site, and that looks a lot neater now. There’s even a way through the line of gooseberry bushes which there wasn’t before – and this makes it a lot easier to get to the compost heap. Which is much fuller after today for sure. One thing I’ve learnt though – what with the thistles, I really ought to bring the heavy-duty gloves next time (ouch!). Mind you, I’ve now learnt how to dig down to the thistle root and grab than instead – no thorns there …

Oh and we remembered the slug pellets and scattered them around, and I killed three more slugs. I am indeed the Queen of Slug Doom.

However, K thinks we won’t really have anything ready for the upcoming Elstead Allotment Show in September which is a disappointment, but understandable. The plan is to support it this year, and have a go next year – with something, but goodness knows what!

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Slug doom!

I weeded and watered the allotment on the way home today. All looking good, but I found two slugs. Two!! Shock, horror, indeed. They have now gone to the Great Slug Doom in the sky (hurrah), and I have made a mental note to take the slug pellets when we go at the weekend.

Under this glorious sunshine, the chrysanthemums are looking particularly fine, I think. I’ve also deadheaded the sunflowers, but there are more blooms to come there, so that’s cheery.

Allotment 1 Allotment 2 Chrysanthemum bed

Anyway, I introduced myself briefly to my allotment neighbour at Plot D3 – he, like me, is definitely praying for rain. On the way out, I looked at the noticeboard to see if there are any more details about the September show, but nothing there yet. The excitement is mounting, I can tell you.

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