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Return to the allotment!

Another 2 weeks off, I’m afraid, with Virus No 2 – which was rather more debilitating and long-lasting than Virus No 1, oh well. Can’t say it’s been a great August all round, hey ho. However, K has kept me updated and definitely kept things going, with various harvests of runner beans, courgettes and lots of cut flowers. What a superhero!

Today, however, I feel well enough to get to the allotment (hurrah!) so have had a good hoe-round and deadheaded various flowers. The sunflowers are amazing and the tallest things on the allotment, goodness me.


They look very grand indeed. The rest of the flowers are doing well too, including the dahlias, crocosmia, asters, cosmos and coreopsis.

Dahlias Crocosmia Cosmos and coreopsis Asters and cosmos

The trouble with the dahlias is that the moment I cut them, the petals start falling off, so I don’t think they’re going to be a great entry into next Friday’s Allotment Show. Will try my best though, and maybe do other flowers as well. We’re also going to enter the Longest Runner Bean competition, and see if we have any decent onions or beetroot to enter as well – so wish us luck! Sadly, my specially bought chrysanthemums are never going to be ready in time for the show, so will just have to enjoy them as cut flowers in the house later in the season.

The autumn raspberries are starting to produce a good crop too.

Autumn raspberries

Here’s hoping the birds don’t take them all! And the peas K planted for next year are now in flower, but surely it’s too late to actually produce a crop at all! Maybe we should cut the flowers off, or wait and see what happens? Will have to decide at some point.


The leeks we planted earlier look a bit sad, so we have planted some new ones given to us by my stepfather (who also gave us the runner bean seeds) – the new ones definitely look stronger …

Leeks 1 Leeks 2

And here’s this week’s harvest: lots of various flowers, and underneath a handful of runner beans and a couple of courgettes.


Have a good – and healthy! – bank holiday weekend.

Anne Brooke Books

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The Sick Allotmenteer

There’s been a severe lack of allotmenteering on my part this week due to (a) being sick over the weekend (grrrr) and (b) social engagements during the week. However, K has kept me updated, and it seems as if things are doing well. We had a first harvest of courgettes, plus more runner beans and potatoes, which is great.

Courgettes and runner beans

My lovely husband has also very sweetly kept the flower harvest (sweet peas, spiky cleome and coreopsis mainly) going, and watered the plot wherever possible, so that’s good too. We do appear to be having some issues with our new Peruvian ground apple, which is looking delicate so I hope it recovers soon.

I hope to be well on the way to recovery soon too and plan to pop in to the allotment on Thursday if I’m up to it.

Hope you all have a good week!

Anne Brooke