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The Allotment Show and a dash of blight

Had a great time at the Allotment Show on Friday evening, and well done to Helen for deservedly getting Best in Show, and the essential cup! It’s very much encouraged K and me to have a go next year. I think we’ll try our hand at runner beans and squashes, but not the huge pumpkins – they’re amazing but probably quite tricky!

Brassicas and sweetcorn Carrots Flowers and preserves Helen - Best in Show Leaks and runner beans Lettuces Marrows and novelty vegetables Onions Potatoes Pumpkins 1 Pumpkins 2 Runner Beans Soft Fruit Squashes 1 Squashes 2

I’m tempted to try some dahlias too as I love flowers, but we’ll have to see if there’s space next year.

Anyway, Sunday morning I decided against church – I’ll go next week instead – so K and I weeded the allotment, and I – sadly – viewed our potato bed which has been devastated by blight. Sob! K dug it all up and he’s now replanted half the bed with spring onions, cos lettuces and chives. Not sure what we’ll put in the other half of the bed – maybe blight-resistant potatoes at some point? He also put poles up for the peas so we hope that will encourage them to reach for the stars, as it were.

The good news is that other things appear to be doing well – the leeks and carrots are growing apace, and the asparagus is absolutely huge. The marigolds are also putting on a good display, and – astonishingly, as surely it’s a spring flower? – there is one foxglove. Gosh! Today’s harvest for lunch has been spinach, two leeks and a few potatoes from the blighted crop, ah well.

Asparagus Flower bed 1 Flower bed 2 Foxglove Marigolds and peas Peas and marigolds


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Sunflower Season

I love sunflowers, but they’re not doing so well in the garden at the moment. So I popped into Tesco on the way back from work and bought a couple on offer to plant in the allotment. I’ve put them in the asparagus bed which was there before the allotment became ours.

Sunflowers and asparagus Sunflowers

We’re told the asparagus is one of those plants which takes a couple of years to get going, so we’re going to leave it in and work out what to do with it next year. I do love asparagus though the season is so short, so I’m hoping it will be all right.

In other news, the Elstead Allotment Show is scheduled for Friday 5 September from 5pm onwards, though the public (ah, those eager crowds!…) are only allowed in from 6.30pm once the judging is done. Judging – yikes!

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