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Completed raised bed and raspberry pruning

Back at the allotment this morning, where K has completed the second new raised bed and laid the lining for the new path. We will need to get some suitable gravel to put on that at some point, and he also needs to screw the end panels in more thoroughly in the raised bed, but it’s fine for now.

Path lining Raised bed

While he was doing that, I pruned the autumn raspberries as apparently fruit for these only grows on new wood so they start afresh each year. I think I did pretty well with the task too, though we’ll bring a rake down next weekend to try to sort the leaves and weeds out – but we’ll need to be careful as raspberry roots are quite shallow.

Raspberry patch

Back home, we’ve poured ourselves a generous sherry each to celebrate our hard work. Onward and upward!

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Raised beds and soft fruit

We’ve spent a happy couple of hours on the allotment in crisp sunshine today. I did the weeding and also gave the soft fruit area as thorough a clear out as possible – which is a lot easier now the autumn raspberries have shed their leaves.

Soft fruit 1

And K very nobly started building two new raised beds so we can extend our crop choices. And very good they look too, I think.

Raised Beds 1 Raised Beds 2 Raised Beds 3 Raised Beds 4 Raised Beds 5

Of course they’re not finished yet. We need to hammer them in properly – we did our best today with no hammer and no spirit level, so go us! And we also need to add more soil, and think about what we’d like to grow in them. We also need to put lining down and create a shingle/gravel path between them and the shed – so it’s in keeping with the raised beds path which was already there when we took it over.

So a lot to think about for sure! Oh and we harvested the last of the beetroot, a few carrots and a huge bunch of the winter lettuce.

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Fresh planting and gap filling

Very frosty this morning, so we’ve had trouble digging in the raised beds – they seem to have held on to the frost more than the open areas on the allotment – maybe it’s the nature of raised beds? Perhaps they hold onto the heat and the chill as well. Anyway, we’ve planted three more asparagus plants to fill up the asparagus bed, and we’ve also created a rhubarb patch at one end of the soft fruit area:

Rhubarb patch

It may not look much yet, but give it time! There were already two rhubarb crowns there, but we’ve added in one Timperley Early and one Raspberry Red.

We’ve also added in one redcurrant and one whitecurrant to the soft fruit area:

New redcurrant and whitecurrant Redcurrant and whitecurrant

And, because K is keen on gooseberries, we’ve put one bush in next to the rhubarb patch:


Apart from that, I did some more digging in the soft fruit area – which was a lot easier than the raised beds, I must say. And a quick look around the plot tells us that things are ticking along. The Brussels sprouts look particularly good, I think. Today’s harvest was the winter lettuce, two beetroots and a very large carrot. So enough to keep us ticking along!

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Tales from the Typeface: a Secretary’s Life and How to Survive It

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Clearing Out the Plot Part 2

Back to the allotment today to clear out the rest of the fruit bush area, as far as is possible. I know it might not look much, but it’s better than how it was when I began – honest! Towards the end, I gave up with the hoe and started pulling great clumps of grass out with my bare hands. Nothing like getting in touch with Mother Earth, for sure!…

Fruit bushes 22 Nov

K also pruned the blackcurrants to get rid of some of the old wood. We’re not entirely sure what to do with the autumn raspberries though – if indeed they are the autumn variety – but we think they need pruning once the leaves have fallen. Further research here might be in order.

Meanwhile, the Brussels sprouts are coming on a treat – I do love Brussels sprouts so can’t wait for them to be ready! – and the winter lettuce is going great guns. Today’s harvest was that glorious lettuce and some beetroot and carrots.

Brussels Sprouts 22 Nov

In other news, we’ve measured up for new beds, and reckon we can get another one in near the shed, plus redo the one that’s already there next to the shed but which isn’t currently fit for use. When that’s done, we hope to squeeze in a greenhouse as well as I’d love to get tomatoes, chillies and maybe even a melon or two onto the produce list – but we’ll have to see. All great fun for sure!

Winter lettuce 22 Nov

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