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A new allotment year

On the allotment for the first time in 2015 today – we possibly would have turned up sooner but we’ve both succumbed to the virus this Christmas/New Year so just about on the mend now. Whilst there, I hoed the raised beds and the soft fruit area, and K planted a new tayberry – it won’t fruit this year, but should be okay for 2016.

Tayberry 1 4 Jan 2015 Tayberry 2 4 Jan 2015

Being a more than enthusiastic fan of the Brussels sprout, I harvested another plant for Sunday lunch, and very nice it’s been too!

Sprouts 4 Jan 2015

That means there’s one more plant left to harvest, but we’ve ordered some more so hopefully there’ll be a fresh crop later in the year. I love my sprouts!

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