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Time for Sweet Peas and a Potato Disaster Averted

This week’s main job has been putting in the sweet peas. K created a climbing frame next to the shed for one lot and put the other lot in next to the compost frame so they can climb up there.

Sweet peas 1 Sweet peas 2

Speaking of the compost bin, K also turned it to try to persuade it to break down more but it really needs more green matter, so we will have to try to remember to add the grass from the next lawn mowing to it.

Whilst there, I harvested more rhubarb, which we plan to use for a rhubarb fool and also a crumble, which should keep us going over the weekend.


Plus I also harvested four asparagus tips (and there’s more to come) plus another armful of spinach, which is going great guns at the moment.


And there’s good news about our potatoes – we were very worried that they might have got blight, even though K says it should be too early for that. We were just about to dig them up when the lovely couple in the plot next to us stopped us and said it was frost problems, rather than blight – and the cure is to earth them up and then more shoots can grow through. We were very grateful indeed (thank you, hugely!), and K earthed them up.


Interestingly, the potatoes K planted amongst the tulips haven’t come to any harm at all, so presumably the tulips are providing them with enough shelter from the frost – we must remember this next year!

Potatoes in tulips

In other parts of our plot, the soft fruit is doing very well and it’s starting to get very exciting indeed.

Soft fruit 1 Soft fruit 2

And the beetroot and young alliums are looking hopeful too, though really need to be bigger!

Alliums Beetroot

Plus you get a very special shot of my left foot, you lucky people! Think yourself lucky, as it’s apparently Naked Gardening Day so at least I have clothes on … Have a great and fruitful bank holiday weekend.

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