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Daffodils and sprouts

A lovely sunny day at the allotment this morning – though the wind was still very chilly. The daffodils are coming on, though they’re not quite in flower as yet – too exposed even in this sunshine.


And it’s now obvious that I didn’t quite clear all the daffodils from my new spinach area as look what’s sprung up …

Spinach and daffodil

Oh well, that daffodil is going to be quite lonely, I think. Anyway, the tulips might just be a tad taller as well, though it’s very hard to say! Maybe they’ve even shrunk!…


Meanwhile, the autumn raspberries actually have leaves on them, which is a great deal earlier than when they started coming into leaf last year, from memory. Does that mean they might turn into summer raspberries? Who can tell …

Autumn raspberries

The leeks are, as ever, their usual thin and elegant selves. Not sure how we can get our leeks to be bold and bulky, though I’m hoping these slimline ones will taste okay. They did last year, so there’s probably hope.


Naturally for this time of year, there’s nothing happening on the rhubarb patch, though the mulch from last week looks rather nice, to my mind, so I took a photo anyway. There’s one rhubarb leaf which is a good sign – though it may be left over from last year!


And our trusty harvest is as usual the sprouts. We’re getting to the less exciting plants now, with fewer produce, so have harvested two in order to make it worthwhile. The leaves are just too chewed for eating now, which is a shame.

Sprout harvest

Finally, a quick hoe round and we were done. There was a fair sprinkling of our fellow allotmenteers around today too, which was lovely – spring is definitely on the way!

Have a great Sunday.

Anne Brooke Books


Minimal mulch

No deep frosts this week so we hoed round the plot today, though actually there weren’t that many weeds. K also mulched the asparagus bed …

Asparagus bed

… and the rhubarb patch …

Rhubarb patch

Okay, nothing much happening in either area at the moment but, believe me, it’s all happening underneath – I hope!

Meanwhile, the blackcurrants are still doing well for the time of year, and even have buds on, which is quite exciting:

The flower beds aren’t doing that badly either – some of the daffodil shoots actually have buds on them too (gosh!), and the leeks are looking okayish too – though the mystery of how to thicken them up still escapes us …

Even the tulips are that tiny bit bigger – could it be a very early spring, LOL?


Finally, a harvest of sprouts for this week, though we haven’t kept the leaves as they were pretty well chewed. Sprouts have been delicious for Sunday lunch though, and there are some left over for tomorrow too.


Have a great Sunday!

Anne Brooke Books