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The new allotment

As of today, we are happy to announce that we have an allotment in the village. OK, half an allotment at the moment, though the plan is to get the other half later this year, depending on how things go. So it’s all very exciting and a bit daunting too.

In our half of the allotment, we have 4 large raised beds, 4 small ones, some spare land and half a shed. We’ve got plans for a greenhouse if possible, and we also need to mend the shed windows fairly soon. It’s lovely and tidy inside, so that’s great.

Here are some photos of how it looked when we arrived today:

12 July 2014 No 4 12 July 2014 No 3 12 July 2014 No 2 12 July 2014 No 1

And here’s how it looked after we’d planted marigolds, carrots, beans and leaks in one of the beds:

12 July 2014 No 5 12 July 2014 No 6

We’re happy with what we’ve done so far, that’s for sure. Plans for the future include cut flowers and potatoes. The saga continues …

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