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Perpetual spinach and a cucumber gift

Missed my usual Thursday afternoon session at the allotment as I’ve not been well this week. However, things are much improved today, so K and I spent an hour at the allotment this afternoon, weeding and watering stuff.

Nice to see a few nasturtium seedlings making their way above ground, and the sunflowers have more blooms on them too. Plus the beans and lettuces look pretty good, I’m happy to report – though there are of course one or two casualties here and there.

K has also removed the fleece from the cabbages and put wire netting up instead – which certainly makes watering less of a challenge. Still, some of the cabbages are getting eaten so we must bring the bug spray next time we go.

It was also a pleasure to meet another of our allotment neighbours who very kindly donated a spare cucumber to my small harvest of left-over perpetual spinach – which was much appreciated! By the way, I can see why it’s called perpetual spinach – it’s the gift that keeps on giving for sure.

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