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A Christmas harvest

K at work today, so I’ve popped down to the allotment to harvest our Christmas dinner – or the veggie parts of it anyway! So here are our lovely sprouts (I LOVE sprouts!) and some cabbage:

Sprouts and cabbage 1 Sprouts and cabbage 2

I had to take the loppers as the stems are so thick, but I love the loppers (ah, that feeling of existential power, eh …) so no problem there. And there’s more to come from the brassica bed too, so that’s good news:

Brassica bed 1 Brassica bed 2

The only problem I had was having to peel back the netting to get at the little treasures. If I’d had any sense, I would have taken the plastic pins fully out first before peeling it off, but I didn’t think of that, so had to spend some time extricating them from the net where they were still attached when I was putting them back. I shall remember for next time! For now, I think it’s just about okay from any predators.

Happy Christmas to all our Allotmenteers and to everyone else too!

Anne Brooke
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