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The Allotment Working Party

Today we’ve had the allotment working party, which has been great fun. We spent an hour or so tidying up the allotments and preparing for winter, and then it was time for the barbecue, hurrah! Special thanks to H for arranging it all, and I have to say a huge well done to S who produced the cupcakes, mmmm …. And, not only that, but the sun shone upon us so it’s been a perfect autumn day.

Meanwhile, on our allotment, the late sunflowers which arrived last week are still in bloom:

Sunflower 1 Sunflower 2

And we managed to gather a harvest of potatoes, beetroot, one courgette, more autumn raspberries and a barrel load of flowers, including chrysanthemums, cosmos, dahlias, asters, coreopsis and one lone geum.


Here are the flowers at home:


Hope you’ve all had a great weekend.

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Allotment working party & BBQ

Great fun on the allotment this morning as we took part in a big tidy up and making sure there are no holes in the fence where the rabbits can get through – a very important job indeed! K and I went round as much as we could and spotted two holes, which are now mended by the nice man with the wire cutting tools, hurrah!

Other people also did the mowing and strimming, so as a group we surely must be in the running for the Tidiest Allotments of the Year award. Should there be one … We also managed to tidy up and weed our own plot, and I picked four foxgloves to take home for display. Astonishing to have new foxgloves this time of the year, but most welcome.

Afterwards, we had a very nice barbecue indeed, and many thanks to Helen and all the organisers for a great event. Lovely to meet people and chat over a very tasty burger. And the cake was pretty special too.

Allotment beds 1 Allotment beds 2 Barbecue 1 Foxgloves 1 Foxgloves 2 Helen at the barbecue Nasturtiums 1

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