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More signs of Spring

A very soggy allotment today, so a good job we remembered to wear Wellingtons. The daffodils are coming on, and there are two in bloom, hurrah!

In fact there are daffodils and tulips springing up everywhere now, even in the beetroot bed – which just goes to show that you may THINK you’ve dug everything up but you NEVER ever have …

Beetroot Plus

The actual tulip bed is coming along fine:


And the rhubarb is hanging on in there somehow:


So there’s the usual mini-harvest of beetroots and daffodils:


And here are those two daffodils at home:


Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!

Anne Brooke Books



The Beginning of Tulips

Unbelievably, the tulips on the allotment have actually started to sprout. Which makes me feel a bit guilty as last week a work friend said her tulips were sprouting and I said that couldn’t be true and it must be daffodils. More fool me! What do I know? Nothing! So, apologies, N – you were right …

Meanwhile, the daffodils are much taller now and there is another one in bloom, well gosh.

Even the lupin is getting in on the act. Though I must move it to the garden at home sometime soon, as I think it will do a lot better there, and they don’t make great cut flowers anyway.


So, we have a small but perfectly formed harvest (again!) of one beetroot and one daffodil. And they look so cute together too …


Here is the daffodil at home:


Have a lovely Sunday!

Anne Brooke Books


Soggy Allotment!

Goodness me, but the allotment was very soggy today – if we’d thought about it, we’d have taken our Wellingtons, but sadly we didn’t think about it, which meant a good towel dry for our feet and a change of socks when we got home. Plus a hot chocolate to warm us up again – always welcome!

Today there is one daffodil in flower and another one which should be in bloom next week, plus lots of shoots coming up.

The beetroot is still going strong and continues to give us winter veg for our dinners, hurrah:


Last week, as you can see, K nobly cut down all the autumn raspberry canes in preparation for this coming year’s crop. We can only hope they’ll give a better harvest this year …

pruned autumn raspberries

Meanwhile, the moles are having a huge party and the hills are everywhere, LOL. It’s the gift that keeps on giving …

mole hills

So, another minimal harvest this week of two beetroots and that lone daffodil. Still, not bad for mid January, that’s for sure.


And here is the daffodil at home:


Have a great weekend, everyone.

Anne Brooke Books

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New Year at the Allotment

First visit to the allotment in 2019 today so very exciting! Wasn’t expecting much to have happened in actual fact but we have our first daffodils already! Okay, the ones with actual flowers on aren’t the ones we planted in the autumn (LOL!) but are stray ones we forgot about – but hey I’m not complaining. Daffodils this early in January is a fabulous result!!

Elsewhere not much is going on but the whole year lies ahead …

allotment view

Mind you, the rhubarb has started early, so I hope it’s going to do better than last year – which was a bit of a rhubarb disaster, alas …


So we have a mini-harvest of 3 beetroots and 2 daffodils, but we’re ridiculously proud of it!


Here is the vase at home:


Happy New Year to you all!

Anne Brooke Books

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The Quiet Allotment

Nothing much happening at the plot today – even the chrysanthemums are all but over so I think I’ll cut them back next week.


Mind you, there are signs of life amongst the daffodils:


And there are buds on the currant bushes, which is great.


So we didn’t do much there today – just some hoeing and also weeding between the raised beds. And K cut back those determined sweet williams once more.

Here are some winter plot scenes:

And here is the tiny harvest of yakons and some beetroot:


Have a great weekend, everyone.

Anne Brooke Books


The Rise of the Daffodils

On my own at the allotment this morning as K was busy repainting the kitchen (fresh new look – Summer Linen, hurrah!) and I didn’t want to disturb him, LOL. So I did some hoeing and tidied up the edges of the plot while I had a chance, plus I did some more composting.

There are daffodil shoots coming up all over, which is lovely, but some of them are coming up in places we didn’t put them! Then again, that’s Nature for you – you’re never quite sure what’s going to happen, but I’m quite happy to let them do what they need to.

To my surprise, the chrysanthemums are still struggling along so this year we actually have flowers in December, well gosh. Usually, we only manage it until November, but the weather this last week or so has been kind in terms of temperatures.


Another minimal harvest this time round – I grabbed a beetroot from the beetroot bed and added the flowers:


Have a lovely Sunday, everyone, and welcome to December!

Anne Brooke Books


The Lonely Chrysanthemum

Just one chrysanthemum on the allotment this week – though we do have a few others still in bud. Frankly, I’m amazed they’ve lasted this long!

The Sweet Williams look healthy though no need to cut off any stray flowers this time.

Sweet Williams

And the daffodil shoot we discovered last weekend has grown a tad taller, hurrah!


The Brussels Sprouts, however, still have no sprouts … Still, the plants themselves might just be a bit bigger than when we last looked at them, so maybe this year is the Year of the Sprout Leaf. Yum!

Brussels sprouts

And so our rather meagre harvest consists of beetroot, some yakons and that one chrysanthemum.

Happy Sunday!

Anne Brooke Books