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Fruit Cage Finale

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Yes, we are mad. Quite quite mad. We have finished off building the fruit cage in the hot hot sun of today. Probably not the best way to spend the hours between 11.30am and 2pm, but hey we like to live dangerously, LOL!

So today, we have rolled the netting round, and K stapled it in at every wooden post. At one point I left the roll propped up to get some secateurs and it collapsed over the blackcurrant bush but no real harm done, phew.

Here’s the roll on the left hand side of the pic as we rolled it round:

Once the sides were all done, we then had a lot of fun putting the roof on. This consisted of me inside the fruit cage doing a lot of jumping up and down and pulling the netting tight so birds don’t get stuck in it – while K stapled the edges to the cross beams of the roof. We then secured it at the two remaining side cross-beams with ties.

I also went round the bottom and secured the side netting down with netting pins. There was a slight panic when we thought we didn’t have enough pins but we had a search round the rest of the allotment and found more, hurrah. There are always spare ties and pins lying around when you need them …

Here is the roof:

The final part of the puzzle was putting netting across the door which we have now done.

So all finished, we are VERY HOT and also very pleased with how it’s turned out. I must give HUGE credit to my lovely husband who has designed and built it all himself from scratch. We then went home, drank a gallon – at least! – of water and we have now opened the Prosecco to celebrate!

Job done.

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  1. How smart does that look?! It’s fab! Enjoy the bubbles, you both deserve it! Karen xx

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