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Making the Most of Failure


As you may remember, our sprouts this year (for the second year running) have been a total failure (sob!…), so much so that they just look like tired cabbages:


So we’ve finally admitted defeat and taken them out to see what we could salvage, if anything. In fact, once home, I have salvaged some decent looking greens and a selection of very tiny sprouts that look SO cute, LOL!! We could probably eat them raw – they are that small! Here they are on our kitchen draining board:

Sprout harvest

So it just goes to show that there’s always something you can make of disaster …

Anyway, in other news, the daffodils are going strong:


And there is a rather nice display of tulips on their way in a bed where we did NOT plant them – I blame the squirrels though it’s more likely to be my total inability to find all the bulbs when digging them up, to be honest!


Here is the harvest:


And here is the vase at home:

Vase 1

Vase 2

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Author: annebrooke

Anne Brooke lives in Surrey, UK, and writes in a variety of genres, including gay erotic romance, fantasy, comedy, thrillers, biblical fiction and the occasional chicklit novel. When not writing, she spends time in the garden attempting to differentiate between flowers and weeds, and in the allotment attempting to grow vegetables. Occasionally, she can also be found in the kitchen making cakes. Every now and again, they are edible. Her websites can be found at:,, and (for fantasy fiction).

11 thoughts on “Making the Most of Failure

  1. It’s amazing that you have daffodils already! Over here in Vancouver, Canada, things are slow to sprout this year. It’s still quite cool and nothing much up at all. Other places are still under snow.

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  2. My rhubarb is doing well. Not got much else in with all the rain

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  3. Hello, Steve & Cadge – I looked it up on the marvellous Mr Google(!) and they should be fine – go for it! πŸ™‚

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  4. My sprouts were an unmitigated disaster! I pulled mine up yesterday

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  5. They look fab and the sprouts will be lovely
    To be honest I’m not a great lover of a lot of veg but I love growing it and since I have been growing our own I find I enjoy it a lot more than I used to far better than shop bought and that’s a fact
    And I have found that sprouts our one of the tastiest grown yourself and I’m sure yours will be lovely as well
    Keep trying with the sprouts as I’m sure they will come right eventually.
    All the very best
    Steve and cadge Nantwich allotments ( Busy bees allotment ) ☺ πŸ‘

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