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The Struggling Allotment


Great amusement at the allotment today as I turn up with my chin swathed in stitches and plaster, LOL! (Long story short: handbag, trip, hard kitchen floor, gash, blood, lovely neighbours, doctor with needlework skills, no anaesthetic (arrgh!!!), the walking wounded. Doctor’s advice – smaller handbags and kitchen carpet. He has a point, hey ho …). On the plus side, I did instantly get to the front of the queue in the surgery, I gave the youngest nurse her first real-life experience of facial stitching (ah, my work here is done …) and the scar should be a talking point in the future.

Never say I don’t know how to have a good time.

Anyway, to the allotment – it’s all a bit sparse, sadly, as we approach the Allotment Show this Friday, but hopefully most of us will be able to scrabble around for something decent to be judged. I took a couple of long view allotment photos:

The beetroot also looks a bit sad, though there is produce there. Just not as substantial as usual.


The same can be said of the French climbing beans – we didn’t harvest them today as we’ll save them for the show.

French climbing beans

On the other hand, the yacons (Peruvian ground apples) are looking good:


And the autumn raspberries are out in abundance – even some red ones this year, which for some reason the birds haven’t taken yet!

Here are the dahlias and lilies, both of which are having a difficult time in this up and down weather at the moment, I think.

Still, at least we didn’t have to water the plot today, due to the heavy rain during the week and also more is forecast for tomorrow, hurrah. So there’s a minimal harvest this week – small but perfectly formed …


Here are the vases:

Have a lovely weekend – and stay safe at home!!

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Anne Brooke lives in Surrey, UK, and writes in a variety of genres, including gay erotic romance, fantasy, comedy, thrillers, biblical fiction and the occasional chicklit novel. When not writing, she spends time in the garden attempting to differentiate between flowers and weeds, and in the allotment attempting to grow vegetables. Occasionally, she can also be found in the kitchen making cakes. Every now and again, they are edible. Her websites can be found at:,, and (for fantasy fiction).

2 thoughts on “The Struggling Allotment

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your fall. I can’t even begin to imagine how painful and scary it must have been. It probably is still painful…
    I hope the wound will heal nicely. xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Mrs SB – I’m still on the drugs, LOL – so no pain at the moment, hurrah! I’m going to tell everyone I was at a rave … 🙂 🙂 Hope all well with you! Hugs Anne xxx


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