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Lily Heaven and Cabbage Crisis

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The lilies are just amazing at the allotment this week. I’m cutting them differently this year – in the past, I’ve waited for a fair amount to come out before I’ve harvested them, but now if one is in flower and the rest on a stem are in bud, I take them anyway, as I’ve discovered they will come into flower at home, no problem.


The carnations are also doing well, although the cosmos is struggling a bit, sigh. The ones we have at home are doing much better, I don’t know why.

We’re also pleased with the sweet peas (Spencer Mixed – always very reliable).

Sweet peas

In other good news, we have our first chrysanthemum in bloom, with more to come, hurrah!


And the first of the dahlias are in bloom – covered in blackfly as ever, groan, but I am spraying like crazy and killing the pesky beasts off.

In vegetable corner, the news isn’t so good. You may remember all those lovely new cabbage plants I put in last week and then covered with ‘slug doom’ – here they are (or rather here they aren’t …) this week, so maybe the slugs are beginning to get a taste for their poison, sob …

Cabbage gone

In the same bed, the leeks aren’t doing very well either, so I have de-slugged and sprayed the whole bed. Will wait and see what happens next week, but I fear the worst …

Leeks struggling

However, the courgettes and beetroot are forging ahead, and the courgettes even have tiny produce on them, so maybe there’ll be a harvest very soon.

Meanwhile, the mangetouts have given us a huge harvest this week, so that’s brilliant – we love mangetouts – no strings, hurrah! How we hate strings …


The soft fruit area is doing well – though we suspect that by the time the loganberries are actually ripe, the birds will have taken them, LOL! (That’s how we know they’re ripe …). Also in the caged fruit area, the gooseberry bush that the birds stripped a few weeks ago has produced one more gooseberry – just enough for a tiny but perfectly formed gooseberry crumble!…

Here is the harvest of mangetouts and flowers. There were also some blackcurrants and redcurrants but they’re out of shot.


And here are the flowers at home:

Have a wonderfully sunny Sunday, everyone!

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