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Frankenstein Flowers (a rant about flowers)

Hi Lovelies,

First my apologies that I didn’t to complete Blog-tober. Something which required travel came up unexpectedly and believe me, I’m kicking myself more than you know. Though I’m still away, I felt I needed to make this post and am attempting to do so via mobile phone – thus, the lack of photos and possible abundance of errors.

My flower farming roots began through growing vegetables. The primary importance of growing my own food were growing open-pollinated, non-genetically modified varieties that have been grown for hundreds of years. As someone who began their college career in the Sciences, there’s no doubt that I’m amazed by what can be done using GMO technology and all that jazz. Alas, the possibilities of this are absolutely terrifying once my mind goes running wild. Believe it or not, GMOs are alive and well in cut flower production, as well. Is this any…

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